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James F. Marshall

Mailing Address:    PO Box 3743. Albany, NY 12203
Street Address:       125 Wolf Rd., Suite 203, Albany, NY 12205
Phone:                      518.218.1224
Fax:                           518.729.4323

JM Advisors, LLC provides broad-based and comprehensive financial counseling to corporate executives and high net worth individuals. We work with you, your family members and outside advisors to identify your priorities and meet your financial goals. Unlike other advisors, we work solely on a fixed fee basis, with no commissions, hourly fees or conflicts of interest through sales of investment products. This allows JM Advisors to focus exclusively on a client’s best interests with a goal of becoming your and your family’s most trusted advisor. Financial planning topics and areas of review include:

    • Income tax planning and review including preparing projections of estimated income, deductions and withholding, geared       towards minimizing overall income tax liability and where appropriate, recommending sophisticated strategies to meet this       goal. We also keep you up to date on legislative actions and issues that may affect your tax situation. We will work with your       tax accountant or CPA to ensure coordination of planning strategies and if desired, tax preparation services can be provided       for an additional fee.

    • Review of asset allocation and investment strategies and performance review of holdings. Careful attention is paid to       integration of employee benefits and outside portfolio manager’s strategies to help coordinate overall investment strategy.

    • Cash flow and retirement planning. Projections of retirement income with emphasis on having the appropriate investment       portfolio in place to meet income needs in retirement.

    • Estate and gift tax planning including charitable giving, establishment and funding of trusts and ongoing review of estate       planning issues to help meet your goals of preserving and transferring wealth to future generations.

    • Review of all types of insurance, including life, disability and property and casualty to avoid the risks of any gaps in coverage       and to help provide for your family if the unexpected happens.

    • Review of other financial planning topics and issues including education funding, planning for aging parents
      and debt refinancing.

At JM Advisors we schedule meetings with you, your family and other advisors to address the various topics and issues we identify in our initial meetings. Meetings are conducted in your home or office (or by phone if preferred) and all meetings are summarized in follow up communication. However, since events affecting your financial situation rarely occur in an orderly fashion, unlimited phone and other contact is encouraged so we may address issues that suddenly arise. We also follow up regularly as we identify issues of importance. Last, and most importantly, we assist you in implementing any strategies or actions agreed upon, to minimize your time commitment. In all cases, we will work with your existing advisors or recommend outside parties to meet your goals and needs.

James F. Marshall, Owner and Principal

Jim Marshall has over twenty years of experience as a financial advisor, counseling individuals and their families in meeting their personal financial goals. He held the title of VP-Counseling and was a partner at the Ayco Company, LP (a Goldman Sachs company) and was a Wealth Management Advisor at TIAA-CREF before forming JM Advisors, LLC in 2011.The firm is registered in New York and Massachusetts and has clients throughout the United States. Mr. Marshall has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the State University of New York at Albany (1984) and an MBA from Albany (1992).

Mailing address: PO Box 3743, Albany, NY 12203
Street Address: 125 Wolf Road, Suite 203, Albany, NY 12205
Phone: 518.218.1224
Fax: 518.729.4323